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Shopee Loan

No collateral required, flexible credit limit, low-interest rate



Repayment Term: 

14 days (can be extended to 30 days)

Interest Rate: 

Calculated daily (0.3%)


One-off principal repayment
with interest

Product Features:

No collateral required, flexible credit limit, low-interest rate

Top 2 benefits

All the best with your overseas endeavor

Customized for cross-border e-commerce sellers:

Wide coverage:

If there is a store, there is credit loan.

High credit limit:

Credit limit can be up to twice the monthly returned payment based on the credit of the store.

Quick and easy application:

Online application, activation in one click, disbursement within an hour.

Flexible use of payment:

Release funds for use, borrow, and repay at any time.

Service advantages

Dedicated consumer service

One-to-one follow-up with client manager, online guides throughout the process.

Consultation services

Provision of one-stop solutions based on the actual situation and pain points of corporate customers.

Increase valuation services

Meeting various business needs of customers through a broad network of cross-border partners.

Steps of Use

A few simple steps to improve your cash flow and expand your business worldwide

Step 1

Sign up with Dowsure

Step 2

Grant access to Shopee store data

Step 3

Fill up
application form

Step 4

Application review
and approval

Step 5

Fund disbursement
and withdrawal