Immediate growth capital
with your store data, at any size

Each store is an important digital asset. With Dowsure, receive an amount of allowance to pay for various operational expenses and others.

Store Allowance

Stores with funds. You can withdraw “Store Allowance” anytime and anywhere

Credit Loan Recommendation

Purely credit-based and no collateral required, fully unlocking your store assets

Buy Now Pay Later

It helps you gain access to Invoice installments for cross-border expenses!

Cash Advance

To collect your payments
from platform sales in advance

Liability Insurance for Sellers

To provide protection for your cross-border business

Stores with funds. You can withdraw “Store Allowance” anytime and anywhere

Store Allowance

Your store is your digital asset, get funds up to 10,000 CNY with no service fee. Product coming soon.

Need a higher credit limit? Direct loans up to 10 million CNY from banks

SPDB | Seller Lending:

520 Express Loan (5-mins application, 2-mins approval, and 0-sec transfer)

CGB | Commercial Loan

Rate as low as 6% with all mainstream payment methods supported

MYbank | MYbank Loan

Credit Limit is capped at up to 10 million CNY

eBay | Start-up Loan

All Chinese sellers on eBay can apply

USD | Global Loan

USD Currency Fund

Shopee | Shopee Loan

Exclusive for Shopee platform sellers

Need invoice financing? Pay all expenses in installments!
Ease and optimize your cash flow, with a limit of up to 3 million CNY

Dowsure - Pay in 4

To meet the needs of various enterprise cross-border payment scenarios, with your invoice paid by us.

The payment cycle is too long? Advance cash to sustain your business.

MYbank Loan | Cash Advance

Credit limit is updated daily and partial payments are to be collected in advance with a daily interest rate as low as 0.027%

USD | MCA Payment Collection

Meet USD currency needs. Cash your sales in advance, with the maximum limit of up to 2 times the monthly returned payment

Platform requirement? Quality insurance agencies provide protection for your cross-border business

Amazon Seller Insurance

保费低至1099元 、最快三分钟出单、包审核通过

Wayfair Insurance

As low as 1,499 CNY, an issue on the same day with successful review and approval guaranteed

Assisted more than
e-commerce merchants
Funded more than
1 billion
cross-border sellers
Increased more than
10 billion
seller’s GMV
Offer more than
technology services

About Dowsure

Dowsure, as the world's leading digital API platform in cross-border e-commerce. We cooperate with financial institutions and have launched financial products with API technologies, advanced models, and algorithms, providing cross-border e-commerce sellers with faster, more convenient, and safer financing solutions.

Grow with funds, grow with us!