What is insurance cloud?

Dowsure Insurance Cloud is a one-stop solution provided to insurance agencies or insurance brokers for the development, management, and services of the cross-border e-commerce insurance business.
We have integrated data, platforms, products, resources, and services to empower the cross-border e-commerce insurance industry and help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide better services in product innovation.

Description of Functions

Quicker Launch

It only takes a connection with API to the core business of the insurance agency, instant launch.

Higher Operational Efficiency

Automate system and data visualization for insurance, claims, settlement, and operation completely online.

Precise Operation

Integrate cross-border channel traffic, formulate operation strategies with risk control models, and support fission and coupon events.

Quick and easy insurance purchase

Completely online purchase of insurance through a simple and easy process

Match the most suitable solution

A variety of insurance plans according
to your needs.

Dedicated consumer service

Specialized & real-time agents assist you with
operations related to insurance purchases and claims.

Provision of sales tools

You can choose sales tools such as fission to boost insurance revenue

Offer various products

Combine multiple scenarios insurance products, assist cross-border services

Provision of cross-border consultation

To provide various types of cross-border consultation services and data in the industry to enhance channel loyalty

Product Advantages

Platform Advantage

Dowsure partners with Amazon, eBay, and Shopee, to actualize seller’s store assessment and risk identification with the control model of the insurance. Generate a one-stop solution for sellers and cooperative agencies.

Traffic Advantage

Insurance Cloud integrates resources of cross-border partners and converts traffic to better match products with demand for multi-dimensional win-win results.

Solution Advantage

Insurance Cloud refines operation, provides personalized solutions and operational strategies for insurance agencies, and enhances market competitiveness.


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