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Comprehensive Commercial Liability Insurance for Amazon

保费低至1099元 、最快三分钟出单、保证审核通过


Internationally Certified

Must-buy for sellers

Electronic invoice

Buy insurance online

Top 3 benefits

Digitization enables more possibilities

Customized for cross-border e-commerce sellers:

Top 3 benefits

Cross-border insurance solution to provide protection as you business to go overseas

Customized for cross-border e-commerce sellers:

High-quality product solution


A type of comprehensive coverage

Open to corporate, personal, and overseas stores.


Simple process, easy application, issue policy in 3 minutes.

Less information required

Only business license/ID card + store’s back-end screenshot required.

Quality insurance agencies that prioritize “stability”

Quality insurance agencies that prioritize “stability”

High ratings by authoritative agencies

Partnered insurance agencies are all in compliance with the financial rating required by the Amazon platform.

Strong global claim capability

Cooperation with overseas company assessment agencies, such as Savit, to ensure a high solvency margin ratio.

High approval rate

After issuance of policy, it is guaranteed for the policy to 100% pass the platform's review.

Service advantages

Dedicated consumer service

One-to-one follow-up with client manager, online guides throughout the process.

Free updates

Free updates to policy within 12 months for new products on the store.

Smooth claim

Dedicated consumer service upon successful purchase of insurance and to assist in the entire claim process.

Service advantages

Cooperative insurance agencies

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Steps of Use

A few simple steps to purchase insurance and provide protection for your global business

Prepare information

Estimate premium

Buy insurance online


Download Letter
of Guarantee

Issue invoice

Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions about product? See the FAQ.


Currently, it takes an ID card for personal stores to get insured, and insurance information must be consistent with the back-end registration information on Amazon.

Insurance can be purchased with the electronic version of a business license, while stores with a canceled or expired business license can also purchase insurance and pass Amazon's review, but claims will not be processed normally.
The name of our company is Dowsure Technologies, and we are dedicated to providing Amazon sellers with various types of insurance and financial services, which can be seen in the Seller Central for verification of fact.